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Our man on Mount Blanc!


Some time ago, we told you the story of Tomek, our employee, who is an avid paraglider. 

Tomek has shared his experiences with us. smile
We kindly invite you to read his account.

The very idea of climbing Mont Blanc emerged spontaneously, as usual, somewhere on a trail in the Tatra Mountains, and it was a natural progression of my love for the mountains. Mont Blanc is not a technically difficult peak to climb, but as you know, the weather deals the cards, and if it does not push climbers into the shelter and make them retreat, there is a considerable chance to conquer this summit —as long as you are thoroughly trained, possess appropriate equipment and adequate experience in winter mountain climbing. After that, it is only about your psyche and goal-based approach.

When I was standing at the summit, my thoughts flew to the family, friends, the Done! team and all the people supporting me during the year of preparation.

I was most impressed by the Bionnassay Glacier, visible from the base, and the ambiance in the base camp at 3,167 metres. Late in the afternoon, you can hear giant masses of ice sliding past one another and avalanches falling down. This is a meeting place of mountaineers from all over the world. Before the night summit assault, we exchange knowledge and talk about future plans. We carry our entire equipment ourselves, use stoves to melt snow and we develop new recipes happy

There, the altitude makes its presence felt: it is almost impossible to fall asleep, insomnia becomes widespread and there is a general agitation before the night assault.

At this time, I am training to climb Jebel Toubkal in January 2018; I also plan to climb Huayna Potosí, a 6,000 metre peak in Bolivia.

I encourage everyone to practice sports and make their dreams come true! smile



We are very happy that such people belong to our team. Please be assured that we welcome everyone who is passionate and eager to make their dreams come true. Do you wish to join us?

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Praktikanten sind bei DONE!

Praktikanten sind bei DONE! nahezu alltägliche Gäste. Vor kurzem hatten Patrycja und Daniel die Gelegenheit, unter der Aufsicht unserer Spezialisten die TSL-Branche kennenzulernen. Finden Sie heraus, was Patrycja über ihre Zeit bei DONE! sagte und Daniel stimmte jedem ihrer Worte zu

DONE! Deliveries mit Zertifikaten: ISO 9001 und 14001

DONE! Deliveries mit Zertifikaten: ISO 9001 und 14001.
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