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DONE! Deliveries dedicates to upskilling employees

The last few weeks have been very busy for DONE! We’ve been learning under the watchful eye of trainers from McHayes about delivering even better quality of service to our clients, while at the same time developing our employees’ potential.
This is yet another occasion we have come together to develop new solutions and expand our competences.

Knowledge about our clients, their behavior, and how to communicate effectively with them are key factors in successful cooperation. When we add to that mix an optimal choice of solutions, we can say with confidence that we are experts.
Would you also like to gain experience with us and become a professional in the TSL industry? Join us at DONE! Send your resume today to

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Development of activities of DONE! in Germany

We grew our activities across Germany a lot during 2015 - 2018.

DONE! Deliveries dedicates to upskilling employees

The last few weeks have been a very busy time for DONE!

Shipment of bicycles from Germany to France

We frequently run complex express shipments on regular routes as well.