Sehen Sie , welche neuigkeiten es bei uns gibt

The new truck map is now working!


What you’ll find on the map:

Thanks to our new map, you’ll see where are vehicles are and what regions we are serving.



Benefits of cooperation with us:

- we deliver every shipment, even the most problematic! regardless of size or point on the map

- direct contact with over 30 forwarding agents, who will help you with every matter

- within 4 minutes you will get an answer to any question 

What else you can gain:



Various vehicles. Small, medium-sized and large trucks, trains and many others. We can take your load, even within 2 hours!

All destinations 

We serve all of Europe, countries of the former Soviet Union and Asia, ex. Mongolia, China and many others. 


Contact us! Within 4 minutes we’ll answer any of your questions.



Full CMR insurance. Your goods are totally covered! With us your business is always safe!


Our map works also on smartphone or tablet. Check and see how it works!


You’re invited to: https://mapa.donedeliveries.com/




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