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2019 of dynamic growth in DONE!


In a nutshell

As the new year begun, it's time for summaries - let's recollect our activities over the last 12 months.

Thanks to the cooperation with our customers, playgrounds, cars, parks, buildings, complex equipment, and planes are created. There is no shortage of orders to transport individual items with non-standard shapes or particularly sensitive ones, such as glassware or plants. We are not afraid of such challenges since we treat each order as a valuable experience. We have also received many recommendations, for which we would like to thank you very much.

Handful of statistics

The number of our clients has increased by over 600 members and the branches with which we cooperate by nearly 300.

The total number of kilometers we have covered in 2019 amounts to 32,241,018, resulting in a total of 127,940 kilometers every working day, i.e. we have lapsed the Earth more than three times every day.

In 2019 you commissioned us an average of 100 shipments per day more than in the previous year, and the efficiency and timeliness of our deliveries was an astonishing 99.7%! 2019 gave an even higher result in this respect than the previous year (99.35%).

Brand awareness based on social media statistics increased by over 300%.

Not just business

There is kindness in people. Sometimes it is hidden somewhere deep and you just have to touch the right strings to get it out. We believe in it. We work to set an example for others. We also constantly learn how to help wisely. Our responsibility for the adoption of Kora's bear from the Wrocław Zoo is not only a plaque by its catwalk.

Supporting the zoo allows you to maintain a place where animals are often weak and sometimes deprived of a chance to survive in the wild.

It started with Kora. Later, the chain of good deeds gained further links. Despite the fact that in previous years we had already carried out various charities in the company's headquarters (such as the nationwide Noble Parcel or other, smaller projects), we felt that we could afford more and that we wanted to help also those who are close to us. The Special School and Educational Centre in Kaczyna is a place where we decided to make an impact. Here the smile of each pupil is important, the conditions for learning and playing, physical development and every day (although often unusual!) activities that make young people happy, whose lives look a little different than most of us.

We met fantastic people there and willingly visit them personally. The staff of the center is very committed to providing the best possible conditions for the students and any stimulating events. We are honored to participate in the life of this unique place and contribute to its activities.

Last year we were also happy to support young volleyball players from one of the local schools and to conduct a permanent collection of plastic caps, which were given to Lenka, a girl who needs financial resources for her leg surgery.

The activities described above do not end with 2019, we are just getting started!

People and infrastructure

DONE! is growing rapidly. Every year our crew is growing significantly - in 2019 we were joined by 56 new people. A Carrier Care department has been established, whose task is to maintain good relations with the carrier. 

Last year we've also managed to redesign one of the floors of our headquarters, where the new employees have found their place.

Digital Solutions

Innovation and technological development were the main focus points of 2019. Focusing on the needs of our partners, we implement proprietary, comprehensive supply chain solutions to make a cooperation with us even simpler, more intuitive, and thus to achieve success together.

We focus on modern digital solutions because we know what challenges the transport industry will be facing in the coming months. We have introduced the Automatic Status System and the Track & Trace system, which guarantees 24/7 care over entrusted orders. We are constantly working on the development of digital platforms to organize transports even more efficiently. We are also rapidly developing a dedicated application with GPS monitoring for carriers because our Partners are as important to us as Clients.

The integration of systems and streamlining of the organization's activities are priorities for DONE!


 ...and most importantly...

We are very grateful to everyone without whom DONE! the development would not have been possible.

To carriers and drivers - for constant cooperation, kind words and scrupulously performed transports, to customers - for confidence and entrusting us with more and more various orders, thanks to which we feel that we have our share in really considerable ventures, as well as recommendations and referrals to others - is the best advertisement for us.

We appreciate the commitment of all the teams, thanks to which we managed to achieve the intended goals. The success of the company is the success of each of us.

Have fun in 2020!


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