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4th floor - already opened!


Due to significant growth of our DONE team we knew a much larger office space would be necessary soon. You should know that new people are constantly coming to DONE! Now our new employees will certainly have the space that forwarding teams need! 

At the end of November, a large construction team entered the fourth floor of the office building and began renovation. In consequence, several hundred square meters of space, and thus several dozen new workplaces have been put into use.  

The newly opened space could be admired during the ceremonial opening of our offices on the fourth level. We have to admit that everything was done with momentum. Champagne, a beautiful cake, catering and a gift for each team member! Even the photo booth, in which amused employees took pictures using colorful gadgets. If there was no need to return to everyday duties, we would have probably celebrated the opening until the very evening. 

The office is very nicely arranged. There is a huge space for work, a relaxation room with comfortable armchairs and a bookcase, as well as a dining area with a cozy kitchen – so important for socializing during lunch. 

One of the walls of the new offices is overgrown with natural moss, which introduces a bit of forest climate and soothing greenery to the company.

Thanks to the enlarged office space, we also gained several new conference rooms. Their shortage has always been a problem for those who wanted to have a quick meeting with their teams and discuss current topics.

The next step will be to take care of the area around the building with regard to greenery and adequate number of parking places. We are pleased that our DONE team! has very comfortable working conditions, but also places to relax and calm down.

Our new, just recruited employees will appreciate the beautiful interiors.

If you want to see it in person: welcome to our team - we are constantly hiring!


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