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„Design Thinking” workshops at DONE!


Last week we had a 2 day session on design thinking. We devoted our time to support our project development - mostly our digital solutions. We learnt and practiced modern methods of project thinking to provide even better service to our clients.

What was going on?

We learned new ways of solving challenges in our business. We emphasized cooperation processes related to the carriers, with help from our trusted business partners - owners of transport companies and professional drivers.

Their visit and participation in our sessions turned out to be extremely motivating. Both parties willingly joined the inspiring and open discussion. 

What did we do?

We examined many aspects of our business. Thanks to the presence of specialists, we were able to identify and design future-proof solutions. Our three project teams consisted of 23 people.

It was fun!

Anna, Piotr - thank you for your super intensive time. We gathered valuable experience that will help us to become even better in what we already do. Thanks again to our guests and to the whole DONE team! for a good time.


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„Design Thinking” workshops at DONE!

Last week we had a 2 day session on design thinking. 


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