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DONE! delivers to Turkey & Cyprus


We support trade growth and deliver across entire Europe even to very far and remote destinations like Turkey or Cyprus

We have all approvals and documents necessary for customs clearance and other regional procedures.


 (Not only Western Europe – We also go East!)

Our supply chain is very flexible to meet the needs of our customers and partners.

Below you can find few examples of shipment routes organized by our shipping agents and taken care of on  24-hour basis every day.



Our customers rely on our processes and entrust us with even very complicated orders – we are not afraid to meet their demands and we gladly accept such responsibility. 

We develop constantly, and our service coverage is also expanding. Do you need help?
Just contact us at

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„Design Thinking” workshops at DONE!

Last week we had a 2 day session on design thinking. 


Shipment of lemon tree from Sant Fruitós de Bages in Spain to Oyonnax in France

 Ensuring reliable, safe and timely delivery to our partners is one of the top priorities for DONE! Deliveries. 


DONE! Deliveries at WConnecta 2019 in Barcelona!

Two of our representatives, Marta and Bogdan, were in Barcelona a few days ago, a city famous for its colours and positive energy. The reason behind their trip was the 10th edition of the WConnecta.