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DONE! efficiently supports supply chain in the south of Europe.


In recent years, our industry knowledge has grown significantly and the scope of our activities in southern Europe has expanded as a result.

DONE! is becoming an increasingly recognizable logistics operator among customers in this region.

We have registered a dynamic increase in the demand for transport services in the Iberian and Italian peninsulas.
We are responding to it with increased activity in this part of Europe.

We perform significant logistic operations in the field of road transport to Milan, Tolmezzo, Livorno, Padua, Pontenure, Bruino, Piacenza, Avellino in Italy, 

Zaragoza, Madrid, Barcelona, Valladolid, Cáceres, Villanueva de Gállego, Vigo, Cádiz in Spain and Bragança, Palmela, Oliveira de Azeméis, Santiago de Riba-Ul, Arcos de Valdevez in Portugal.

Regardless of the area and size of the city, we always provide the same, highest level of service.

DONE! offers reliable solutions for specialized logistics services and operations. Knowledge of regulations, internal development of customer-oriented IT solutions and efficient coordination of administrative processes are our response to the expectations of our partners from the south of the continent.

Our employees provide expert support, including the necessary cost optimization for the customer.

Analyzing the statistics, we know that by 2018* we had delivered cargo from Italy and Iberia to 4,879 locations in Europe. We recorded 3,289 locations in Europe from which we delivered cargo to Portugal, Spain, and Italy. Taking just Italy - 1236 loads were delivered in 2015. 3 years later this number increased to 3659.

Between 2015 and 2018 deliveries to the South increased by 193%, and in terms of goods collection in the area we saw a 228% increase.

We are prepared to develop our cooperation and transport support in southern Europe.

Learn more about how we provide business and transport solutions across Europe. Send an e-mail at: or call us at +48 570 086 900


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