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E-commerce: last mile delivery – safe delivery to guarantee end customer satisfaction


Supporting the e-commerce industry, we repeatedly handle first mile deliveries, providing transport between warehouses for manufacturers and wholesalers. However, some of the orders we carry out are last mile transports.

Last mile delivery, i.e. delivery of goods to the final recipient, is crucial for all companies operating in the e-commerce industry and having contact with this type of service. We put the satisfaction of the final buyer in the first place, because the success of the manufacturer, agents or wholesaler and ours depends on it.

An example of our activity in this sector is the regular transport of furniture, ordered by customers in an Italian online shop. We deliver the products directly to the houses, and there are always several unloading places. We know how to combine them and optimize transport costs and delivery time. Our drivers help with each of the many unloadings. They are really careful in order to eliminate any risk of returns.

The following graphic shows a sample transport from Italy to France. This time there were 11 unloadings and the goods were packed in cardboard boxes. Of course, buyers could count on unloading by our driver, who carefully brought the furniture to the customers' houses.

We can transport directly to homuseholds and organize help to unload both bulky goods and numerous items packed in boxes, on pallets or other forms of cargo.

We owe the effectiveness of deliveries and efficient service to the expertise of our team, good cooperation with our partners, many years of experience in local markets and modern solutions in the IT sector.

The most important benefits of working with DONE! for you and your customer ordering goods online:

  • efficient and timely delivery throughout Europe,
  • optimization of costs and delivery time,
  • help with unloading with special care for the goods,
  • 24/7 information provided by the Track & Trace department,
  • professional, stable processes throughout the entire service,
  • control over deliveries thanks to modern IT solutions.

Requirements are constantly increasing, hence we are doing what we can to meet these expectations and increase delivery efficiency. We care about the satisfaction of your customers - the final buyers of the product.

Are you running a similar e-commerce business and looking for a proven supplier you can rely on? Let's become Partners. See how we can help you. 

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