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Investing in automation or in people? At DONE! balance is the happy medium


Technology is rapidly changing the market and nature of work, also in the transport sector. It contributes significantly to optimising forwarding processes.


At DONE! we focus on constantly improving our tools because we are aware that implementing digital solutions is essential for further development and carries great potential. Automation significantly contributes to optimisation of a number of processes, reduction of costs and improving operational activities.


Technology created for you by us

We should bear in mind, however, that the aim of digitalisation is not to eliminate humans from participation in forwarding processes. At DONE! technology should support all persons involved in maintaining supply chain continuity.


This is why we are constantly developing our dedicated proprietary tools for:

  • forwarding teams and the Track&Trace department;
  • carriers and drivers;
  • customers, partners and producers looking for transport.

Digitalisation is a complex process, which is why it requires thought-out and long-term action and a custom transformation strategy. Behind the development of all our tools are teams of committed specialists from many departments at DONE! It is thanks to their diverse experience and initiative that we can take a broader perspective on our business, and in doing so, create useful systems that answer the real needs of Partners, Subcontractors and Employees.


DONE! SPACE, a digital area for the Customer

Currently intensive development of DONE! SPACE, a dedicated platform for customers, is our priority. The system makes it possible to track parcels and order progress at any time and from any location worldwide. As well as getting information about cargo location, users are also informed about the planned delivery date and the route already completed. They can also access an overview of a given route on the map and see their order history. Further development will bring, among others, a simple way of contacting the forwarder, access to all transport documents as well as reports and summaries of the cooperation.


Customers appreciate our investment in technology, which is an additional motivator pushing us towards further change. Before us stand further challenges in our striving to answer our Partners’ needs. All this to achieve success together.


Human & Digital balance as our priority

The key to responsible development is to find a balance between technology and human knowledge. They form one fluidly intertwining world. Even the most perfect of tools will not replace human decision-making and interpersonal contact. These two areas have to go hand in hand, which is why DONE! has long invested in the newest technologies, integrating innovation with operational activity, and at the same time ensuring employee development and constantly increasing its staff.


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