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Oscar. The story of a young and ambitious man.


Oscar's been with us for two years. Learn about his history and how he builds his career and supports us in providing services to our customers.

It is no coincidence that we are describing our colleague as an ambitious person. In August, it has been 2 years since he joined our company. During his first internship — a part of our support school project (Oskar’s school has been cooperating with us for a long time), he distinguished himself with resourcefulness, commitment, and sincere interest in what a job in the transport industry offers.

He perfectly fits the dynamics of our company and the fast pace of work, which is natural for transport and logistics.

Our colleague continues his studies at the Technical College No. 1 in Andrychów.
He is learning to be a full-fledged forwarding technician. We can say that the transport is in his blood.

Currently, Oskar is an assistant to one of DONE! forwarders, he also co-creates projects that assist our experienced specialists. He acquires new, important experiences and, most importantly, looks like a happy young man.

His two-year practice in our company allowed him to get to know the work of many departments, which pays off with great contact with colleagues and managers.
We can admit with confidence that he is the rightful member of our team.

What does Oskar think of his future?

Oskar is planning to attend university after graduating from high school. We are glad that he has such ambitious plans and he is such a responsible person, who cares about his future.

What does Oskar think of us?

Privately, he loves to travel and doesn't stop discovering new directions, and the fact that DONE! provides transport solutions in 50 countries, Oskar will certainly not be bored.

Oskar, thank you for being with us!


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