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Regular orders for the transport of 6-metre-long pipes in France


For over 4 months we have been running permanent orders in France. So far, there have been 34 shipments summing up are 20 971 km. The place of loading is always in the city of Elne on the south coast - unloading takes place in several different locations, including Paris, Nancy, Lyon or Dollon.

The cargo - 6-meter-long pipes – with weight ranging from 540 to 970 kg -  is delivered to SPA centers, hotels, and aquaparks.

Although the length of the cargo may seem troublesome, the basic condition is to comply with the rule that a long cargo should not protrude from the vehicle by more than 1.2 m. During transport, the pipes are of course also protected from being repositioned.

Below you can find the transport, the route, etc. The destination of the cargo was the city of Combourg, located in the north of the country. The driver covered 960 km – so far the longest route with the pipes.

The processing of recurring orders with DONE! is flexible and does not require the signing of contracts. With a network of 9.600 carriers, we can book a dedicated vehicle in advance, for our customers all over Europe. Cyclicality of transports is flexible, tailored to individual needs. Moreover, we can change the frequency of orders, route parameters or vehicle requirements at any time.

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