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Regular transport of components for the automotive industry


We have been regularly carrying out orders for almost a year now, transporting automotive components, this time exclusively in France. The automotive industry requires just-in-time delivery of parts and components for the production of vehicles and vehicle systems in a specific order and in accordance with the schedule provided by the customer. Thanks to regular transport services, such production plants gain flexibility, time and money and do not lose energy needed for warehouse management. The average weight of the cargo is 1000 kg.

If you need this type of solutions (fixed routes, regular orders) that will help to improve operation of your company, write to 


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DONE! supports Noble Gift!

Noble Gift (Szlachetna Paczka) is one of the largest and the most recognizable social schemes in Poland with 18-year history.

„Design Thinking” workshops at DONE!

Last week we had a 2 day session on design thinking. 


Shipment of lemon tree from Sant Fruitós de Bages in Spain to Oyonnax in France

 Ensuring reliable, safe and timely delivery to our partners is one of the top priorities for DONE! Deliveries.