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Transport plays a major role in the global economy. Road transport alone accounts for 6% of European GDP and over 19 billion tonnes of goods freight each year.

We are aware of the size of our industry, its business opportunities, but also its impact on the environment. We feel responsible for them, which is why our philosophy is focused on three key areas: ecology, education, future.

We know that our daily work affects people and the environment. Therefore, we design our actions taking care of the environment, safety, and future generations. We are pleased with the data, which shows a growing awareness of climate change among the public and the changing attitude of companies to environmental issues. The number of people deciding to take conscious steps towards environmental protection is still growing. This can be seen in the choice of planet-friendly products and services.

Interestingly, being "EKO" often allows you to optimize costs in your business. Ecology and economy can therefore go hand in hand.

An example of such a solution at DONE! is the Part Load service, which allows you to make full use of your loading space and reduce empty trips. Fewer empty trips result in less CO2 emissions in the atmosphere.

From an economic point of view, the cooperation of independent consignors is a way to optimize transport costs. At DONE! with an integrated network of 9600 carriers, we are able to find a profitable solution for our customers for any size of cargo and deliver it to any place in Europe. The Part Load service is also recommended for transport with several loading and unloading points. Thanks to our solution for partial transport, the customer pays only for the used space and not for the whole vehicle, which significantly optimizes the delivery costs and eliminates the need to store surplus goods.

We offer transport according to our customers' needs. There are no orders too small or too large for us. Regardless of the size or specificity of the goods we always act in line with our highest service standards.

Don't you know what delivery method is best for you?

Our shipping agents will be happy to prepare a quotation for your transport for a dedicated car or Part Load option. Contact us! Together we will work out a solution that is most beneficial for your business.

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