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Transportation of plants from Saint-Mesmes to Wardrecques in France


Nothing is impossible at DONE! Transport of plants to their new destination place is not easy, but we love challenges. Any person familiar with gardening knows that the majority of plants does not like to change their location. For us, however, any shipment of young seedlings, plants, trees or bushes is a piece of bread. Today we would like to share with you one of such shipments we completed a few weeks ago for one of our partners in France.

We carried 350 kilograms of various plants from Saint-Mesmes near Paris to Wardrecques in northern France. The distance was 242 kilometers and it, as you can imagine, was not the issue - the content of the shipment was! Special vehicle had to be selected to manage specific requirements. Due to unusual shapes and sizes of the plants and their unique needs, specific measures had to be taken in terms of fixing and protection during loading, transport as well as unloading.

Our “green shipments” always need stable and fixed temperature in the vehicle. The temperature is increased or decreased depending on the type of the plant – exotic species usually require higher temperatures than European ones. However, this transport carried European ornamental bushes.

As always the delivery was completed on time and the plants arrived at their destination looking as beautiful as they did before the transport. We are looking forward to the next challenge.

Here you can learn more about special temperature transportation:

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