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We deliver summer. Holiday transports with DONE!


High temperature, carefree laziness on the beach, long mountain hikes, meetings with loved ones are our favourite leisures during holidays. 

At DONE! when we fantasize about the summer we think, of course... about our transports. No wonder, since our clients commission us to take our extremely leisurely transports. We'll talk a little bit about them in the "We deliver summer" series. Smile on our faces is caused by small things, and the summer makes us feel positive, so Enjoy the little things, and we invite you to read it.    


Transport of surfboards from Italy to Portugal 

The first transport, typically associated with carefree moments, is the transport of surfboards. Loading of almost 600 kg of equipment took place in the Italian Camaiore. It is a town located near the Ligurian Sea. The destination was Ribamar, a small village in Portugal, located near the Atlantic Ocean, about 70 km north-west of Lisbon. Although the route was quite long - about 2300 km - we delivered the goods on time and without problems. 

Transport of diving gear from Spain to France 

Another typical holiday load is diving equipment. We were transporting it from Camargo in northern Spain to Musculda in southwestern France. The route was about 400 km long and the weight of the cargo was 1200 kg. The transport went smoothly, thanks to which we were once again pleased with the successful completion of the order.


Delivery of a regatta boat from Italy to Monaco  

Another interesting transport is the delivery of boats to Monaco for the prestigious international regatta competition. The loading took place in Padua in north-eastern Italy. The route was over 500 km. We wanted this luxury item to arrive in perfect condition, which was guaranteed by our internal procedures - Track&Trace department monitoring the cargo 24/7 or a trusted, proven carrier. The route went smoothly and we once again proved that the customer can trust us and entrust sensitive and demanding goods.  


Transport of lighthouse elements from the Netherlands to the United Kingdom 

We transported elements of the lighthouse by a truck fully adapted to the specifics of the order. The cargo weight was 20 tons. The goods were loaded in Haaften, the Netherlands, and unloaded in Potterton, UK. The route was 1400 km long and only short section of the way we needed help of a ferry, to transport the lighthouse on the water. We are very satisfied with this  transport and are delighted to have contributed to a lighthouse.  

Consider it SUN!  

Summer is at its best, but we're not slowing down. We ensure continuity of the supply chain for our customers, even on holidays. During this hot time we are happy to take on other demanding transports, not only those directly associated with the summer. More than 80 qualified forwarding staff, numerous support departments and a network of 9600 carriers guarantee that regardless of the season, we are able to deliver goods safely and on time.  

Take advantage of our experience and wide offer. Write to and we wish all those going on holiday a successful holiday!  


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