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We’re delivering Caterham! 5 seconds to 100 km/h

Collaboration with our customers can often turn out to be an unprecedented adventure and an interesting experience, which we have to share with you. On the other hand, we're proud that they trust us with even such a fragile and demanding shipment.

About the cargo

The infographics presents British Caterham 7 275S, a succesor to Lotus 7.

It's mainly intended for racing tracks, reaching top speed of 196 km/h and  8500 rpm engine power. You can really feel the g-force in 275s, as it's relatively light at about 575 kg. Some of the models are approved for public use. The appearance of the vehicle is based on the 50-year-old design of Colin Chapman, the founder of the famous Lotus.

What we did?

We needed to secure the cargo really, really tightly. We were very excited, but also fully motivated to get it to the place of unloading in perfect condition. The loading took place in Dartford, UK. From there, we went to Colomiers in France (Occitan region). Total distance was about 1.100km.  We have to admit openly that such shipments complement our portfolio beautifully.


Do you have a Catheram to transport? Don't be afraid to try us out. Remember, we can deliver it for you, wherever you wish.

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