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What has Kora been up to lately?


A few weeks ago, our people went to Wrocław to yet again visit our bear Kora. A professional photographer also took part in the expedition. We wanted to document everything in order for you to see it too!

Kora didn't expect such a serious photo session, but she got used to the camera after a while, you can see the results of the trip in the gallery below.

Kora likes to rest, that’s what she was doing before we showed up.

Look, that’s us. The plate is still in its’ place.

While the bears were resting, we have decided to see what their immediate surroundings look like. The opposite enclosure is inhabited by chamois and monkeys - which is very interesting because, for such a surprising mix-  they coexist together very well. Kora and Mania, her mother also have unusual tenants - there's a squirrel on one of the trees, and supposedly even a fox comes at night sometimes!

After a while, we returned to our bears, where we were surprised by the mobility of Kora and her mom. They both walked in their enclosure, which mostly resembles a wild forest. The area of their house is about 1.5 ha including uncut grass, a rapid stream, many types of trees, flowers and shrubs. All this ensures us that our bear has everything she needs in order to be comfortable.

Bears like to eat, we all know that. When Kora ate some treats (mostly fruits like oranges, as it turns out, a valuable and innovative component of her diet) - she went to the further part of her property, where she disappeared in a forest full of attractions. 

Only rustling and scared birds directed our eyes to our bear again, when she started to swing a large tree.

Enjoying the afternoon.

After a few hours spent with Kora and her mother, we had the pleasure to meet with Mr. Paweł a bear caretaker, who told us the detailed story of the brown bears family from the Wrocław Zoo. He also told us about Przemisia - a bear that was found in the vicinity of Przemyśl a few years ago and now lives in the local zoo.  You should be aware that placing an animal at a zoo is sometimes the best way to improve their situation and ensure a peaceful future.

We also saw Himalayan bears, very interesting but endangered species. Thanks to the specimen that inhabit zoos, we can be sure that they will survive.  There is a very well matched couple living in Wrocław: Józek and Całka.

We love bears, and Kora especially. We’re very happy to be able to help her.
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