Are you interested in faster transfers? We have a solution for you. We offer you to test SCONTO - an accelerated payment method.

The money will be quickly credited to your account. The service is addressed to both contract carriers and those cooperating with DONE! Deliveries without a contract. The service is available for every damage-free order made for our company. The offer is possible after the delivery of all necessary documents and does not include any complaints. To see how easy it is to use SCONTO with us, please see below:

When can I apply for payment via SCONTO?

SCONTO can always be used if the service is carried out without any damages and you provide a complete set of transport documents together with an invoice to our e-mail addresses: and
Please note that if the transport order indicates the Original CMR as a necessary document – the payment term will be billed from the date of delivery of the original CMR and other documents by the traditional postal service to the DONE! Deliveries office.

How do I apply for SCONTO?

Two small steps are enough for the money to be credited to your account within 7 days.
To use DONE! Deliveries SCONTO, please:
  • Give our company a discount of 3.5%.
  • Clearly indicate that the invoice is to be paid by SCONTO.

How to label SKONTO?

In the case of e-mail, this will of course be the subject of a message containing an invoice and a set of necessary documents.
(apart from the invoice, it is usually a CMR document), while at the traditional post office, visible writing on envelope.

Why should I do that?

The correct distinction will help our administration to quickly and efficiently segregate mail, thus speeding up the whole process to your advantage.
Invoices identified as SCONTO are immediately registered in the system and are transferred within a maximum of 24 hours to the Accounting Department, which settles them as a priority. 

Does SCONTO exempt you from providing original transport documents?

No. SCONTO speeds up payment, but does not exempt you from the obligation to provide original transport documents and CMR after unloading. Therefore, please send them by post within 14 days after unloading, if the invoice did not reach us electronically, send the original together with CMR documents.
Please note that if the original CMR document is required in the order (in additional remarks), the SKONTO can be used only from the moment of delivery of the original documents to the company.

What else should I remember?

Remember that the time of realization is counted from the receipt of documents by us, not the date of their issue.
Therefore, we encourage you to use electronic ways of document circulation, allowing us to immediately start processing your invoice.

Any questions? Contact our expert:

Renata Stawowy
Debt Collection Specialist
+48 730 573 011

You can also contact our Accounting Department at: