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Apprentices at DONE! Deliveries


This year we again hosted agroup of apprentices from the Tadeusz Kotarbiński Technical School. For a monththey observed the work of each department and actively participated in theimplementation of various projects. We hope that the knowledge and perceptionsthat they attained with us have given them some insight into the TSL sector, where they will be able to develop their career in the future.


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DONE! for the third time in the FT1000 ranking

DONE! for the third year in a row in the FT1000 ranking of the fastest-growing companies in Europe!

99,7 % DES LIVRAISONS À TEMPS. Pour nous, le respect des délais de livraison est une priorité.

Have you wondered how we do it that we deliver loads on time? We owe this to the work...

DONE! avec la recommandation de l'ISO pour 2021

DONE! Deliveries !  a été recommandé par le certificateur TUV pour la mise en œuvre des normes...