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DONE! Deliveries in Coalition for Friendly Recruitment!

What does this mean in practice? That DONE! Deliveries is a place in which you meet with respect. We don’t want the recruitment process to be a negative experience for candidates. We promote good practices through contact with the candidate at each stage of the recruitment process; we don’t disregard e-mails, requests to change interview times or trial days, thanks to which each person may feel that he/she is treated individually. We consistently try to shorten the time of waiting for our answer, and when someone joins our ranks, we devote them as much time as necessary so that they feel confident and comfortable at their new workplace. 
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99,7 % DES LIVRAISONS À TEMPS. Pour nous, le respect des délais de livraison est une priorité.

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DONE! avec la recommandation de l'ISO pour 2021

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Une solution de transport en 12 minutes ? Pour nous, c'est un quotidien.

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