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DONE! Deliveries is helping to expand the CARSPOT machine park


As a business partner of Carspot Sp. z o.o., the owner of the brand, we deliver transports of production machinery and manufactured products all over Europe.

This time our transport challenge involved shipping a VT 230 T injection moulding machine meant to be used for processing thermoplastics. The machine is used for, among others, the production of the popular ReadySteady automobile trunk load stabiliser.  

Soon, this product will be available for retail sale in quality supermarket chains across Poland and the Czech Republic.  

Our services involved transporting a piece of machinery with a gross weight of 9200 kg and dimensions of 6.25 x 1.76 x 2.12 m to the company’s new headquarters in Rybarzowice, Silesia. Due to the large size of the shipment, its weight, and its construction, the transport process required our company to make appropriate adaptations to our vehicle and to coordinate the loading process with the loading company.  

Safety is always most important for us, which is why we applied professional securing methods during transport and unloading at the destination.  

We delivered the shipment on time in spite of challenging weather conditions during transport and unloading. Loading and unloading was carried out using a crane, and the whole operation took place in the course of a single day. We freely admit that it was a challenge for us, but thanks to the experience of our staff and drivers, everything turned out well. 

We are very happy that we can contribute to the growth of companies from our own country in various industries. Because we have the right kind of fleet and an experienced staff of forwarders and drivers, we’re not afraid to take on even the most demanding transport, forwarding or logistics challenges.

You can watch the whole event in a short film with photos. Take a look.


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Solidità secondo gli standard ISO

DONE! Deliveries per un altro anno consecutivo le consegne sono state raccomandate dall'ente di certificazione TUV per la conformità alle norme ISO 9001 e 14001.