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DONE! Deliveries: “Fair Play” as always!

It was a very nice celebration it pertains to DONE Deliveries because the organizers gave us an award for the third time.  We received the Golden Fair Play Certificate.

The Chapter recognizes companies that promote culture, respect ethics in business, shape positive relationships with the environment and pay particular attention to environmental protection in their activities.  From its inception, DONE Deliveries has focused on the development of the organization while maintaining its ethical values.  We believe that “ethics and business are not contradictory” and we don’t have to jettison our beliefs, such as honesty and reliable treatment of our contractors and employees, in order to achieve success.

As with every year, the Grand Final Gala ended the program, where – after presenting the guests and announcing the awards – our representatives had the opportunity to discuss and exchange insights with the other laureates, and then took part in a joint dinner crowned with the concert of band “Feel”. 

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DONE! Deliveries - Responsible Employer!

We are glad to receive another award which is highly appreciated by us.

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