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DONE! Deliveries keeping its finger on the pulse!


DONE! participated in a gathering of the largest companies in the transport industry – TRANSPORTEX 2018. 

On 24-25 April 2018, we were in Sosnowiec at the Expo Silesia fairgrounds for a series of meetings of companies from the TSL industry.

During the event, leaders in the TSL industry gave presentations on the most cutting-edge solutions in the areas of transport and storage. Of course, DONE! Deliveries was there as well – the company was represented by specialists from the Transport Department.

The organizers, including TSL Biznes and Logistyka i Magazynowanie, provided a steady stream of new and interesting solutions, training seminars, and presentations devoted to innovation in the road transport industry.

DONE! Deliveries makes continuous improvement a priority, which is why we are present at the largest TSL industry events. This hard work at getting better every day helps us stay ahead of the game and solve even the toughest problems our clients have.


Ultime notizie


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La settimana scorsa abbiamo trascorso 2 giorni di workshop.


Trasporto di agrumi da Sant Fruitós de Bages in Spagna a Oyonnax in Francia

Garantire consegne affidabili, sicure e tempestive ai nostri partner è una delle massime priorità di DONE! 


DONE! Deliveries in WConnecta 2019 a Barcelonie

 Due dei nostri rappresentanti, Marta e Bogdan, hanno visitato Barcellona pochi giorni fa, città famosa per i suoi colori e la sua buona energia.