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Mobile furniture exhibition — France and Switzerland


DONE! Deliveries drives the success of its customers with pride! Thanks to our extensive know-how, we optimize transport for our clients and much more. We carry out special tasks.

We performed a unique service for one of our clients. We transported an exhibition of luxury furniture throughout France and Switzerland. Our customer booked our truck for over two months. And…it served as a mobile exhibition stand!

The weekly mileage of our truck was 1,800 km on average, and we visited more than 5 exhibition points in each region.

The places that we went to include Zurich, St. Gallen, Geneva, Basel, Paris, Toulouse, Lyon, Nice, Strasbourg, Bordeaux, Lille and Rennes.

As you can see in the pictures, our transport required very special treatment, and we adapted the truck to the exceptional load. As you can see, we fulfilled the extraordinary mission without a single glitch!

The entire trip lasted over 9 weeks. We traveled a total of over 17,000 km.

Everything took place under the care of specialists from our transport department, and our employees once again proved the highest quality of DONE! Deliveries’ services.

No obstacles occurred during the trip, and the exhibition. If you are looking for a trusted transportation partner that is also exceptional in unusual tasks, you come to the right place!

DONE! Deliveries, Consider it DONE!


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Solidità secondo gli standard ISO

DONE! Deliveries per un altro anno consecutivo le consegne sono state raccomandate dall'ente di certificazione TUV per la conformità alle norme ISO 9001 e 14001.