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Runmageddon Szczyrk


How do our employees spend their free time? They keep active!

This year they have taken on a team challenge and took part in the extreme race - RUNMAGEDDON!
Every single day, Beata, Dominika, Bogdan and Tomek go the extra mile to ensure that all transport tasks and orders are performed with proper thoroughness; they build lasting relationships with existing clients, and seek out new clients. Apparently, it’s not only at work where they give 100%.

On 21 October, they ran in Mountain RUNMAGEDDON in Szczyrk where they proved that “to want is to succeed”. They showed that you should set yourself goals and then go out and achieve them. They overcame more than 30 obstacles on the six-kilometre route of the Recruit Run.

We would like to congratulate our staff for their excellent results, and encourage you to look at photos from this event.

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