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DONE! Deliveries at the "Tak, potrafię!" Work Fair


Yesterday we could be found in Wadowice as part of the project whose aim is to boost the educational and professional activity of young residents of the Małopolska (Little Poland) region. Our colleague from the HR department provided information about our company and about chances of working for us. In addition, each visitor was able to obtain support and information or brochures and gadgets with our brand name. We would like to thank visitors for taking part as well as for inviting us.


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DONE! for the third time in the FT1000 ranking

DONE! for the third year in a row in the FT1000 ranking of the fastest-growing companies in Europe!

99,7% ON TIME DELIVERY. Per noi la puntualità è una priorità

Vi siete mai chiesti come facciamo a consegnare il vostro carico in tempo? È grazie ai nostri specialisti e ai processi ben coordinati...


DONE! con raccomandazione ISO per il 2021

DONE! Deliveries è stato raccomandato dall'organizzazione di certificazione TUV per l'attuazione delle norme...