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DONE! Deliveries at WCONNECTA – Frankfurt 2017


Last week, we were proud to take part in the 8th edition of the International Meeting of Transport Professionals in Frankfurt am Main, organised by WCONNECTA. At the event, roughly 2,550 speed networking meetings and 625 individual meetings took place, facilitating introductions of specialists representing the transport sector from all over Europe, including Spain, Poland, Italy, Germany, Portugal, and France. 

Our representatives met with many companies who are searching for experienced partners in TSL. Professionalism, flexibility, and a comprehensive offer are only some of the pluses that DONE! Deliveries can boast, and which our conversation partners took careful note of.  

It was also nice to meet face-to-face with the companies that we have had the pleasure of working with. It was a great event which strengthened our conviction that our company is growing and developing in the right direction. We are grateful for all the nice things said about DONE! and for the interest of our partners in our increasingly broad offer. 

Once again, we give our thanks to all of you for the warm welcome extended to our employees, and especially to the organisers for the professional operation and fantastic atmosphere of the event.

See you next year smile




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