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Consider it DONE! - our people who make it happen!


We are DONE!

DONE! Deliveries – company employing over 120 people today. Young people, older people. Women & Men – people with various experience. For many of them it is the first job. We enjoy helping them to start their careers here with us.

Together we support them to grow into future gurus of transport, accountancy or marketing

We have many great teams – just take a look at our organisation and click here:

It’s so hard to believe that we were only a few people not that long ago – by the way – they are still with us today – managing the company! Yes – DONE! is the place you can grow and get promoted! You begin as a junior and tomorrow you become a team leader or get another dream job at DONE!

More about us:

We train & support our employees. We created our own systems just to help everyone with their everyday business. We also embrace their hobbies & out of work passions. We also enjoy running internship and apprenticeship programs for young who often join our teams later without any complex application process.

There is more than just work!

We want to work & we enjoy it. But we can also have fun as we need to live fully! We have plenty of events in our calendar: like very formal & glamourous Christmas Party or integration trip to scenic country-side. We visit many places like: Ustroń, Zakopane or Szczyrk – to practise our skills in off-road, archery or dancing. We are not an average company – we enjoy having fun together!

We play foosball in the office & we organise Fruit Tuesdays. Our employees enjoy multi-sport memberships & healthcare programms. We believe in Santa Claus, and we are proud of it!

DONE! means great atmosphere!

Great atmosphere at work is important – sometimes the most important! Only then we can enjoy work & do it with a smile! Consider it DONE! is not only a timely accented order but most of all our people who make it happen every day!


Latest News


4th floor - already opened!

Due to significant growth of our DONE team we knew a much larger office space would be necessary soon. You should know that new people are constantly coming to DONE!

DONE! Deliveries – an FT1000 company!

Financial Times & Statista have just published the third annual ranking of the fastest growing companies in Europe. Companies from Germany, France, Italy and UK are dominating but we are proud to state DONE! Deliveries is also there!


Transportation of ship interior building materials

Some time ago we managed an interesting order. We had to transport building materials from Germany to a Spanish island - Teneriffe.