and Environmental Management



Done Deliveries Sp. z o. o. o. Sp. k. specializes in providing road transport freight forwarding services 
using the highest quality technology and employing experienced staff.  The company is constantly improving by using modern solutions to meet the expectations of customers and thus conduct responsible business. We strive to provide high-quality services - meeting the expectations of customers. We pay special attention to respect for the natural environment and compliance with applicable laws and regulations.

Therefore, taking into account the specificity of our company, we declare:

  • implementation and maintenance of the Integrated Quality Management System according to ISO 9001 and Environmental Management System according to ISO 14001,
  • continuous improvement of processes and procedures in force in the Company, as well as improvement of the Company's environmental activities, 
  • comply with all applicable laws and regulations that apply to the Company's business, 
  • pollution prevention, 
  • rational use and saving of water and energy,
  • minimizing the use of substances that destroy the ozone layer, 
  • waste management in accordance with the current legal status in the field of environmental protection, 
  • minimizing the risk of environmental failures, 
  • raise awareness of environmental responsibility among suppliers and subcontractors,
  • encourage subcontracting initiatives to implement their own environmental recovery programs and sustainable development policies, 
  • periodical analysis of the risk occurring during the implementation of the company's main processes,
  • long-term cooperation adjusted to the Client's needs,
  • constant analysis of specific customer requirements, research on the level of customer satisfaction in terms of the quality of the services provided,
  • continuous monitoring of services provided by Subcontractors,
  • constant contact with the company's employees, a high level of customer service, taking care of the property entrusted to them,
  • continuous improvement through the use of process optimization tools,
  • constant development of employees, gaining new experiences and competences.

This policy is known and available to all Company employees.

Effective as of 01.05.2018, Update as of 1.07.2019