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Regular orders for the transport of 6-metre-long pipes in France

For over 4 months we have been running permanent orders in France. So far, there have been 34 shipments summing up are 20 971 km.

Part-load as a good transport solution - lower price not the only benefit!

The European road transport market is constantly growing. Between 2013 and 2017, it grew by 11.7% in 4 years to 200,000,000 tonne-kilometres per year*.

Perfume? Dangerous Goods to Greece Delivered Safely!

Many times we have proven that we are eager to undertake complex transports. In addition to neutral goods, we also deal with the transport of dangerous goods — ADR.

Oscar. The story of a young and ambitious man.

Oscar's been with us for two years. Learn about his history and how he builds his career and supports us in providing services to our customers.


Cyclical frigo transports throughout Europe

As a company specializing in the transport of various goods, we often execute transports, where it is necessary to maintain a proper temperature of the cargo.

We’re delivering Caterham! 5 seconds to 100 km/h

Collaboration with our customers can often turn out to be an unprecedented adventure and an interesting experience, which we have to share with you.

Regular transport of components for the automotive industry

We have been regularly carrying out orders for almost a year now, transporting automotive components, this time exclusively in France. 


What has Kora been up to lately?

A few weeks ago, our people went to Wrocław to yet again visit our bear Kora. A professional photographer also took part in the expedition.

Transport of an olive tree from Alicante in Spain to Yvrac in France

We’re the experts, when it comes to the transport of fragile cargo.
We have proven that by delivering a 500 kilogram olive tree.


Little artists are drawing Kora

Here at DONE! our logistics is not only transportation of cargo, but also transportation of good deeds!

DONE! awarded in the Gazeta Prawna TSL ranking

We are glad that another year we are among the best of the best. 


DONE! supports young volleyball players

Transport and volleyball? Despite the global character of our business, our company is often engaged in the help of local institutions. 


DONE! efficiently supports supply chain in the south of Europe.

In recent years, our industry knowledge has grown significantly and the scope of our activities in southern Europe has expanded as a result.


DONE! supports 5-year-old Lenka

DONE! Committed to help! Participation in a nationwide initiative called "Szlachetna Paczka - The Noble Package" or adoption of a bear from the Wroclaw Zoo are just some of our activities. 


Transportation of plants from Saint-Mesmes to Wardrecques in France

Nothing is impossible at DONE! Transport of plants to their new destination place is not easy, but we love challenges.

4th floor - already opened!

Due to significant growth of our DONE team we knew a much larger office space would be necessary soon. You should know that new people are constantly coming to DONE!

DONE! Deliveries – an FT1000 company!

Financial Times & Statista have just published the third annual ranking of the fastest growing companies in Europe. Companies from Germany, France, Italy and UK are dominating but we are proud to state DONE! Deliveries is also there!


Transportation of ship interior building materials

Some time ago we managed an interesting order. We had to transport building materials from Germany to a Spanish island - Teneriffe.

Ladies and gentlemen — this is THE Bear!

The idea of ​​taking care of one of bears from a Polish zoo came to us some time ago.

New Interns at DONE!

New Interns at DONE! are almost our everyday guests. Recently Patrycja and Daniel could get familiar with TSL under careful supervision of our specialists. 


We care about quality and international ISO norms

We care about quality and international norms. Another year of our operation was successfully closed with ISO 9001 quality management system standard certification as well as ISO 14001.

Consider it DONE! - our people who make it happen!

DONE! Deliveries – company employing over 120 people today. Young people, older people. Women & men – people with various experience and character. For many of them it is the first job.

2018 - a successful year for DONE!

Complexity and broad geographical scope of our activities are the real strength of Done! 


Development of activities of DONE! in Germany

We grew our activities across Germany a lot during 2015 - 2018.

DONE! Deliveries dedicates to upskilling employees

The last few weeks have been a very busy time for DONE!

Shipment of bicycles from Germany to France

We frequently run complex express shipments on regular routes as well.

DONE! is the official partner of the Global Entrepreneurship Week

Once again we ‘ve been in the exclusive company of the Global Entrepreneurship Week Partners.

DONE! delivers to Turkey & Cyprus

We support trade growth and deliver across entire Europe even to very far and remote destinations like Turkey or Cyprus. 


DONE! supporting the 5th Edition of Regional Competition for Future Shipping Agents

On October the 11th the regional Department of Education held the 5th edition of the competition for young adepts of shipping.

DONE! - a growing TSL provider for Scandinavia

Our service network is continuously developing.


DONE! Deliveries at the 15th Forum of Polish Logistics Managers

At the beginning of October, our representatives took part at the 15th edition of the Polish Logistics Managers Forum "Polish Logistics".

Shipment of tools from France to Denmark

Few weeks ago, we completed a very interesting shipment of expensive tooling from France to a shipyard in Denmark.

Shipment of children playground elements from Chorzow to Sicilia

Recently we have agreed to organize transportation of elements assembled into children playground devices.

Shipment of electronics from France to Norway.

It was one of the complicated shipments where we had to transport the load of electronic (transmitters, electrical wiring and various steel components) to Søvik in Norway.

Shipment of modern park equipment to Corsica

DONE! Deliveries reached Corsica! According to our driver Corsica is one of the most beautiful places he has ever seen and coffee at Porto-Vecchio is simply fantastic!


Can't stop the growth!

According to one of the most established polish legal magazines – „Gazeta Prawna” - Done Deliveries has managed to win the second best position in „TSL Companies with the highest revenue dynamics” ranking for 2017.

DoneParty in Tatra Mountains!

Atmosphere in our office is always great – that’s a  given!
The interesting fact is that we’re friends outside of work as well.

DONE! visiting their customers

In the last couple of weeks, our colleagues Marta and Bogdan traveled around Europe visiting our clients. They were in Italy, France, and Germany.

DONE! Deliveries keeping its finger on the pulse!

DONE! participated in a gathering of the largest companies in the transport industry – TRANSPORTEX 2018.

DONE! Deliveries awarded a title “Gazelle of Business 2017”

For yet another time in a row, our company has been awarded with prestigious "Business Gazelle", which is presented to the fastest expanding companies in Poland.


Mobile furniture exhibition — France and Switzerland

DONE! Deliveries drives the success of its customers with pride! Thanks to our extensive know-how, we optimize transport for our clients and much more.

DONE! Deliveries: “Fair Play” as always!

We recently attended the jubilee, the 20th “Fair Play Enterprise Awards” Gala, which was also a pretty exceptional event for us in Warsaw.

DONE! Deliveries takes part in the Open Company programme.

During the Global Entrepreneurship Week held under the patronage of the Minister of Development ...

Runmageddon Szczyrk

How do our employees spend their free time? They keep active!

Delivery of a light aircraft to Saint-Mitre-les-Remparts

In keeping with our maxim „ANY SHIPMENT, even the most problematic one”, several weeks ago we undertook a very interesting assignment in France.

DONE! Deliveries at WCONNECTA – Frankfurt 2017

Last week, we were proud to take part in the 8th edition of the International Meeting of Transport Professionals in Frankfurt am Main.

Our man on Mount Blanc!

Some time ago, we told you the story of Tomek, our employee, who is an avid paraglider.


Future of transport business | Conference 2017

In June this year in Krakow, our company together with our partners organized a conference. We invited our clients and business partners from all over Europe.


DONE! Deliveries at "A secure supply chain, ISO 28000" conference.

At each stage, we develop the qualifications of our employees and partners to deliver our customers' cargo daily safely and on time.


DONE! Deliveries in Coalition for Friendly Recruitment!

Last week we joined the Coalition for Friendly Recruitment! This purpose of this program is to promote good practices during the recruitment process.


The new truck map is now working!

What you’ll find on the map?


DONE! Deliveries is helping to expand the CARSPOT machine park

Oversize load transport of production machines


DONE! Deliveries - unusual passions of our employees

It’s above all the people that make our company what it is; that’s why we’ve decided to tell something about our INTERESTING CASES.


2nd Place in Małopolska in the 2016 Gazelles of Business Ranking for DONE! Deliveries

The Gazelles of Business list is a ranking of the most dynamically developing small and medium enterprises.


The latest edition of the Fair Play Program with our participation!

Fair Play is the most well-known certificate of reliability in Poland.

DONE! Deliveries - the next year with Certificate of Environmental Management ISO 9001 and 14001

As a modern and environmentally-conscious company, we continually strive to raise the quality of the services we provide ...


DONE! Deliveries at WCONNECTA in Barcelona

Last week we were honoured to be guests at the 7th International Meeting of Transport Professionals in Barcelona, organised by WCONNECTA.

Apprentices at DONE! Deliveries

This year we again hosted agroup of apprentices from the Tadeusz Kotarbiński Technical School.

Integration meeting in Zakopane 2016!

In August 2016 we hosted here our Partners, for whom we carry out commissions all over Europe. 


DONE! Deliveries at the "Tak, potrafię!" Work Fair

Yesterday we could be found in Wadowice as part of the project whose aim is to boost the educational and professional activity of young residents of the Małopolska (Little Poland) region. 


99.7% effectively executed commissions – how do we do it?

The above info-graphic gives a picture of how we work in order to ensure high efficiency in transport contracts.


We received the “Secure Personal Data” certificate

We are pleased to inform you that we have again received the “Secure Personal Data” certificate. Our Customers can now feel even more secure, and we will persist in aiming to maintain the highest standards.

2nd Place in Małopolska in the 2016 Gazelles of Business Ranking for DONE! Deliveries

The Gazelles of Business list is a ranking of the most dynamically developing small and medium enterprises.


DONE! Deliveries in 2nd place on the TSL Ranking of ‘Dziennik Gazeta Prawna’

On 23 June in Warsaw a ceremonial gala was organized by the daily newspaper, Dziennik Gazeta Prawna, at which the best companies of the TSL sector received awards.


We began working with TRANS.EU transport exchange 7 years ago. We’ve had a lot of positive opinions in that time from our partners, which confirm our RELIABILITY WITH PAYMENTS.


New headquarters of our company.

June 20, DONE! Deliveries officially opened their new headquartes. Our company is now at the Center for Business in Andrychów Batorego 35. See the photos.

On March 1 we visited Warsaw

On March 1 we visited Warsaw in search of inspiration and new experiences at a conference organized by the Media Affairs under the name of "love marketing."

Certyficate Fair Play 2015

Our Company in the group honored with the Certificate of Fair Play 2015 . See our representatives on the Great Warsaw Gala.