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Delivery for an Italian fashion house – transporting natural leather.


Elegant, prestigious, practical, durable and hard-wearing... Used since ancient times to manufacture shoes, handbags, clothes, horse saddles, car upholstery, furniture and suitcases. Reasons to call it a noble material abound. The material in question is, of course, natural leather.

Each year 7 million tonnes of it are produced, and the leather industry is worth billions of dollars. Being a natural product, it requires special treatment also during transport.

How is leather transported and what should be kept in mind?

When transporting leather particular care should be taken. The process of its production is very long, which makes it an exclusive product and gives it far higher value than a “standard” cargo has. The goods should be packaged in a way that prevents scratches, e.g. placed in cardboard boxes.

A key role is played by:

1.       humidity

Correct humidity has a direct impact on the quality of leather. The material is characterised by high absorption of moisture from its surroundings, which makes it soft and elastic in moderate conditions. The right conditions are 30-40% relative humidity. Below this level leather shrinks (decreases its surface), dries out and cracks. Meanwhile excessive exposure to humidity causes it mould.

Interestingly, leather transported in sealed containers (e.g. by sea) is susceptible to decay, which may cause unwanted moisture, mould, an unpleasant smell and discolouration. The solution to these problems can be to place packets containing a hygroscopic material that absorbs water inside the container. Furthermore, leather should be coated in a special agent and preservative which will additionally eliminate moisture collection.

2.       temperature

As a material, leather is durable and heat-resistant. To ensure the optimum conditions, storing it in temperatures from 5 to 15°C is recommended, which is why in harsh winter or hot summer temperatures it is worth using an isotherm or cooler. Longer exposure to excessively high temperature causes mould to form on leather.

3.       lighting conditions

When exposed to sunlight, the material oxidises and ages more rapidly, and so it should be transported and stored in dark conditions, e.g. in cardboard boxes. It is important not to leave leather outside for long periods of time, e.g. while loading goods. 

Transporting leather for a luxury handbag brand - by DONE!

At DONE! we regularly carry leather for an Italian fashion house famed for the exclusive leather handbags it produces. We transport it in cardboard boxes, ensuring the necessary temperature, humidity and lighting levels. The cargo is loaded in the Portuguese town of Amiais de Baixo, and unloaded in Florence in Italy, where the brand’s production facilities are located. The total length of the route is over 2300 km.

To provide an outstanding standard of transport for luxury goods, we provide “white glove” services. In practice this means both a guarantee of the highest level of security, and meeting the customer’s individual needs and requirements. When working with DONE! also for such demanding deliveries, you can always count on:

  • Verified and top-ranked group of carriers; 
  • Mechanical, electronic and telematic security measures protecting the cargo; 
  • Stops only at guarded car parks; 
  • Monitoring the freight in real time through the DONE! SPACE platform;
  • The option to purchase additional CARGO insurance for the delivery.

Looking for a Partner that you can safely trust with your luxury deliveries or those that need special handling? Use our white (or even leather) glove services.

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