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DONE! Deliveries at WConnecta 2019 in Barcelona!


Two of our representatives, Marta and Bogdan, were in Barcelona a few days ago, a city famous for its colours and positive energy. The reason behind their trip was the 10th edition of the WConnecta. It is an event integrating European companies from the transport industry, focused on generating new business leads, contacts and cooperations.

Marta and Bogdan were participating in Speed Networking - a form of a short meetings based on the conversation and presentation of DONE! capabilities. 

Isn't a few minutes too short? No. For people in the transport industry, express services are the norm (we usually only need 4 minutes to respond to pricing). In addition to the short conversation sessions, we also took part in afternoon, 1 on 1 meetings. This year our interlocutors were intrigued primarily by the development of DONE! towards digital solutions for the transport industry. Applications for drivers, a platform for customers, gradually tested and implemented tools facilitating the work of our forwarders - these are the basic aspects that allowed us to distinguish ourselves.

"We are most pleased that already during the event we received inquiries resulting from these meetings"
- Marta (Senior Customer Relationship Manager)

"Exchange of observations with people representing various sectors of the transport industry, (e.g. FTL or Frigo) was definitely an interesting experience" - Bogdan (Training and Development Manager)

Nearly 300 companies from 21 European countries took part in this year's edition. Most of them were representatives of Spanish, Italian, French and Portuguese companies.

We met many new people, but we also had a chance to talk to current partners. WConnecta turned out to be an ideal opportunity for fantastic meetings with our business associates.

The event is interesting due to its formula and continuous development, the number of participants and attractions is increasing year by year.

The opening ceremony was very impressive this year. A group of drummers started the event with an energetic performance.

We would like to thank the organizers for a warm welcome and the representatives of the companies with whom we had the opportunity to talk - for their sincere interest and declarations of cooperation.

See you at the next editions!



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