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DONE! Deliveries - the next year with Certificate of Environmental Management ISO 9001 and 14001


As a modern and environmentally-conscious company, we continually strive to raise the quality of the services we provide and the work we do, in line with rigorous environmental management standards. 

Our success is the result of carefully planned and organised domestic and international truck logistics and forwarding operations conducted with diligent care for safety and the natural environment. 


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2019 of dynamic growth in DONE!

Several days ago we were toasting and wishing ourselves a new year. Now it's time for summaries - let's recollect our activities over the last 12 months.


Shipment of seedlings from Hamburg to Schiltigheim

We’d like to present you with one of our typical examples of fragile cargo transport, which we realized last year. 


Reliability in accordance with ISO standards

DONE! Deliveries have been recommended by the TUV certification body for compliance with ISO 9001 and 14001 for another year in a row.