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Looking for the fastest transport? We're like a Formula 1 bolide!

In the transport industry time often determines success. A quick and precise response to market needs is the key to company development. For customers who are looking for the highest level of service with the shortest possible lead time, we have achieved perfection in the express transport service.  

When every minute matters...  

We're like a Formula 1 team - reliable, fast, with an expert background.   

Our average times:  
  • 4 minutes to answer to a customer request  
  • 12 minutes to find the optimal transport solution  
  • 2 hours to loading.  

Dedicated car and driver  

DONE's "Bolides"! are adapted to the specific cargo and customer expectations. Elevator, ADR, or FRIGO - we are always on time. Our OTD (On Time Delivery) is 99.7%.   

Let's remember about the dedicated driver. At DONE! we can adapt smoothly to the requirements and our carriers, according to individual customer preferences, speak foreign languages, and help with unloading.  


DONE! Racing Team: 

We play in one team and we guarantee our customer:  
  • a team of experts controlling every shipping- support of the shipper agent and Customer Care department,  
  • monitoring the shipment status 24/7. 


Fast and safe? WITH DONE! It's possible  

DONE! The team works like a well-oiled machine, which guarantees reliable transport and loads safety. That is why our customers can sleep soundly. 



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