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We deliver history – short stories about our luxury transports

Luxury goods are not only electronics or motorization, but also monuments. Are you passionate of art? We like challenges, that's why we decided to take on an extremely delicate and demanding order. For our client we transported 600 kilograms of scientific materials for archaeological research, monuments and excavations, with a total value of 285 thousand euros. The materials travelled a long way from the museum in Paris to the research centre in the Greek town of Delphi, where the famous Delphic oracle comes from. We demonstrated professionalism, and the best proof of this is the fact that the client also commissioned us to transport the valuable materials back. We are very pleased that we have contributed to the development of research on ancient history.  

Within the premium goods segment at DONE! we often deal with works of art. Orders from shipping companies working for "merchants" or artists (painting studios, art galleries) are not uncommon in our company. At the beginning of this year we transported canvas between two painting studios. The first one was based in Paris and the second one in Geneva. The works of art, under the watchful supervision of our carrier, covered a distance of 546 kilometres. This potentially small load, weighing only 40 kilograms, was worth a lot to the customer.   

The carriage of luxury goods is one of the greatest challenges facing transport companies. On the one hand, we have to deal with strictly defined safety standards, on the other hand, with individual needs and requirements of the customer. To meet market expectations, DONE! Deliveries follow the same principles in the supply chain of premium goods.  

Security first and foremost

In the case of luxury goods, cargo securing is our priorityThanks to well secured and organized transport, we have earned the trust of thousands of customers and costumer is the greatest value for our company.   

We use a specially selected group of carriers to transport particularly valuable goods. We know that luxury goods are more susceptible to theft or damage and therefore require appropriate 
protectiondedicated vehicle and driver. If this is due to the specific nature of the cargo, the transport of valuable goods is carried out for us by carriers who have a TAPA certificate 

TAPA TSR (Trucking Security Requirements) sets the standard for the security of truck transport for "high-value" goods. It is awarded to carriers who have successfully passed an audit of individual elements that are essential for securing this unique supply chain.  

We offer our customers 

  1. 24/7 cargo monitoring 

  1. safe and secure parking areas during transport  

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  1. customer service support  

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