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DONE! Deliveries - unusual passions of our employees


It’s above all the people that make our company what it is; that’s why we’ve decided to tell something about our INTERESTING CASES.

Today the story of Tomek, whose passion is flying. See for yourselves …

1. How did your adventure with flying begin?

I was always fascinated by space, great heights, mountains and travel, and flying combines all of these elements. I obtained my license in Italy in 2008 and since then I’ve been flying basically every free day, as long as the weather permits.

2. You fly without an engine? How does a paraglider work?

We usually start from a mountain position. In flight we search out the appropriate thermal lift; that is, columns of warm air that rise at high speed, and at their high point is usually a cumulus cloud. The pilot circles around this lift area, trying to get under the base of the cloud and then begins again to seek out lifts. This, in simplified terms, is the manner in which we cover the kilometres of a planned route.

3. At what heights do the flights take place?

That depends on weather conditions, but generally it’s an altitude of around 2000 m above sea level in Poland, while in the Alps we can fly much higher. 

4. Why paragliding, by the way? What makes it special?

Paragliding allows us to fly making use of only the forces of nature, much like gliders and birds do. It’s the simplest and cheapest form of flying and gives a lot of independence, as all the equipment fits into a large backpack. When searching for conditions and new places, I analyse the weather situation and often travel to far destinations. Paragliding can be divided into many disciplines, such as acrobatic flying, bivouac flying and cross-country. Everyone can find something to suit them.  

What excites me the most is cross-country flying, because such a flight is a big challenge for the pilot and demands knowledge of area navigation, meteorology, strong concentration and the appropriate strategy – it’s a sort of 3D chess. Apart from that, returning from a site 100 km away is an interesting experience in itself.

5. Where do you fly most often and why? Which, according to you, are the most beautiful places for practising this sport?

I fly mainly in the Beskidy mountains because of the proximity of the starting sites at Żar and Skrzyczne, but also in Slovakia and the Czech Republic. In the south of Poland we have the greatest number of specially prepared take-off sites which allow hours of distant flying, for example, from Żar in the Tatras.

My most pleasant memories are of flying in the French Alps because of the scenery and weather conditions which allowed long-distance flying. I’ve also been able to fly in Spain, Italy and Thailand.

6. Do you have any plans for the future connected with flying?

I like the idea of flying with a motor-paraglider, and sometime I’ll definitely go in that direction.


That’s not all of his surprising passions! We encourage you to follow our profile. Soon Tomek will really amaze us :)


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