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DONE! and Peppa together on a journey to Verona!


Work in the transport industry is an immensely responsible profession. Nevertheless, we enjoy the execution of every order. 


We are repeatedly faced with very demanding tasks. Often the factor that determines our actions is time. Sometimes the load has an unusual size or shape. Situations, where the route and ferry crossings require special, around-the-clock control by our specialists are not an exception, but we are not afraid of anything. 

We celebrate all our transports, but we liked this one so much, we had to write about it! The route was quite long, about 1200 kilometers in total, from Soltau in Germany to Verona in Italy. But that is not the most interesting thing. 

We were carrying about 3 meters high elements, from which a charming playground in Italy was created, and the theme of it was..."Peppa and Friends". We suppose that everyone has heard about the adventures of the famous pig with very human problems - we are sure that every parent has! 


Below you can see the animation presenting the route and the unusual cargo! 

We are glad that our transport has contributed to the creation of a new playground for children, we also hope that the animation above made you smile! 


If you have more interesting stories for us, please share them with us. We would be happy to hear them as well. 


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