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1 order = 1 euro: we support the fight against Covid-19 in University Hospital in Krakow


In DONE! Mutual assistance has long been part of our corporate culture. We create a business that is a workplace based on solid values and social responsibility.
Our employees are eager to get involved in social activities and often take the initiative themselves. For a long time, we have been helping children from the Facility in Kaczyna, taking part in the Noble Parcel, supporting the hospital in Wadowice and we still feel that we can do more.


We are therefore starting an action, called 1 order = 1 euro. Out of each order received from our Client, we will transfer 1 euro to an entity selected by us, which needs support, e.g. a medical institution or a technology institute.

This means that the total amount we will transfer to a given organization depends on the number of orders placed by our Clients, in short:



Moved by the pandemic, we decided to start our assistance with the support of the local community. The choice wasn't easy, because many hospitals need help, so we gave our employees a vote so that they could choose the most appropriate institution in their opinion.

As a result of the vote, we chose that in the nearest future we will transfer 1 € from each order to the University Hospital in Kraków. 

The donation will be successively used to purchase specialist life-saving equipment, including protective equipment for hospital staff.

We believe that we will be able to provide a lot of resources that will help to diagnose patients without risk for doctors, nurses, and the whole staff and for the care of each patient of the facility.

Fighting for the health and life of Covid-19 patients is a challenge that is the primary objective of the hospital on behalf of the Minister of Health. We join in on the action.

Here you can read more and see how it looks on the front lines -


We are  absolutely sure that every support matters, and TOGETHER we can do more!

To sum up: by commissioning us to transport, you join the action and you help with us.


We would like to make a similar appeal to all people and companies.

We did not need any encouragement. We always feel socially responsible. We were just considering how and who we can help effectively. Now we know. We are planning further actions. We are happy to have someone to do it with. I would like to thank our business partners, it is wonderful that they are with us for good and bad Damian Misiek, CEO


We would like to thank our Customers, Carriers and all Partners, without whom it would not have been possible to carry out such an action and, of course, the Directorate and Employees for their joint actions.


The article uses information available on the website of the University Hospital in Cracow


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