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Such a short, yet so important transport. DONE! is supporting hospital in Wadowice.


The fight against the epidemic is a particularly difficult time and a test for the whole world.

In Poland, as in many other countries, there's a struggle against the shortage of basic protection measures - masks, visors and medical supplies in hospitals and health care facilities. Many companies and individuals are helping in different ways - we connect with them in a joint action, recognizing needs in our immediate environment.

In the current situation nobody should be indifferent and leave everything to a blind fate. We believe that this supply chain in our execution (where good deeds are actually delivered) can help and inspire everyone. What's more, one of our corporate values istaking responsibility , which makes us feel accountable not only for our and our clients’ business but also for doing our best to help our local community in need.


We have decided to help our local hospital in Wadowice without hesitation. In order to support the health service, we contacted the representatives of the facility, thanks to whom we learned how we can help and took immediate action. We took care of the transport of the 100 visors, which we bought courtesy of Safety Med company.

Additionally, we purchased and delivered 1500 masks for the hospital in Wadowice, which we purchased through Make Up Mania.


Such a short, yet so important transport.

We're fine with the fact that we could chip in and help with the action. Mutual help and involvement has never been so important as it is now.

Every little help makes a big difference!


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