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Little artists are drawing Kora


Here at DONE! our logistics is not only transportation of cargo, but also transportation of good deeds! We visit distant countries of the European Union, meet new people, but sometimes to help someone it is enough to look around. We feel that our social responsibility is growing and, as a result, we are learning new things to be able to undertake and promote initiatives in our immediate surroundings. We want to take care of the environment, safety and future generations.

Our colleague took the initiative to organize an art competition among students from the ‘Special School and Educational Centre’ in Kaczyna. The children's task was to create art works presenting our Kora, which we have been taking care of since the end of January this year. Students from this center are known for their talent and love of art, they love to create. They put their hearts into their work, so they reacted with enthusiasm to the contest slogan. Its character seemed obvious. All children like bears and animals, and the ones we have met are small artists who are interested in art, painting and drawing. The idea turned out to be a hit.


‘Special School and Educational Centre’ in Kaczyna – what is this place?

It is a place where children with disabilities can learn & develop. The school promotes a healthy lifestyle together with the "Leskowiec" Sports Club, which brings together both students and graduates, operates dynamically. Despite the obstacles, children get involved in the work on the school bed and they willingly take part in sports. There is no shortage of children with musical, dance, acting or artistic talent among them. We saw it ourselves, the children created for us their wonderful drawings and art works depicting Kora in various ways. The effects of their work exceeded our wildest expectations.

The results of the competition and our visit to the Centre in Kaczyna

On Thursday, 13 June, our four-person delegation visited the center. We were expecting an intimate meeting, so we were very pleasantly surprised when all the students proudly presented their works. A few dozen young, happy people along with his tutors received us very warmly. The openness of the children, their spontaneous hugs, high-fives or giving us pictures will surely remain in our memories for a long time.

The large colorful box with the gifts we prepared – caused a little smile on many faces as well. Every child created a unique work of art, that is why everyone of them became the winners of the competition. In this case, it is not the victory itself that counts, but the willingness, ingenuity and commitment, which our students do not lack.


Apart from charming drawings, among the works there were also collages and even hand-made mascots or figurines of a teddy bear. The children did their best, that's why crayons, pens, paints and many, many other artistic articles couldn't be missing inside the big box, which will surely be used by such a talented group. Below is a gallery with works.

The needs of the Centre turned out to be greater, which is why we additionally supported the summer holidays of small artists. We are convinced that this trip is a great reward for the whole school year and good education.

What have we learned?

In fact, it doesn't take much for a smile to appear on someone's face. Spontaneous, sincere children's joy gave us the greatest satisfaction and made us feel like children. It is nice to be able to support the youngest. It's also good to know how they're doing, so we've already liked and you?


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