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Temperature always under control - that is, about the transport of multimedia devices.

Positive experiences of consumers and dynamic development of devices cause a continuous increase in demand for high-tech devices. This has a direct impact on the development of transport dedicated to electronics. 

The value of a vehicle transporting the latest laptops or smartphones reaches really high amounts. We qualify these goods as sensitive and luxurious, and therefore we pay special attention to ensure safety not only during loading or unloading, but also during driving. We distinguish three categories of security: mechanical and electronic, which directly protect against opening, and telematic, which uses software that generates a dedicated access code for the recipient of the goods. Such solutions, combined with stops in guarded parking lots and 24/7 monitoring, guarantee the highest level of security of the cargo entrusted to us.

During a harsh winter, a popular method of transporting electronics is refrigerated vehicles. This type of transport is especially recommended for devices with liquid crystal screens, which get damaged at too low temperatures. Properly selected temperature and tightly closed semitrailer provide favorable conditions for high-tech devices.  
In turn, in summer, temperature-controlled vehicles are suitable for transporting devices with lithium-ion batteries. They are classified as ADR goods. They are used in phones, laptops or modern electric vehicles. In the case of such goods it is necessary to take special care that they are not crushed or dropped, as this may cause ignition. For the same reason, the equipment in the trailer must not be overheated.  

When transporting luxury goods, we use a specially selected group of carriers in order to maximally reduce the risk of destruction or theft. Thanks to this we guarantee our customers certainty and peace of mind. 
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