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Transporting wine

Wine: a beverage popular in all of Europe since ancient times. Appreciated not only for its flavour, but also its health benefits. Studies confirm that a glass of red wine is beneficial for the circulatory system and the heart. The French population of the Bordeaux region being the best example - having the lowest death rate due to heart diseases worldwide. They owe their health to systematic drinking of small quantities of wine. Next to Italy, Spain, and the US, France is one of the leading wine producers in the world. Wine consumption has been growing annually, particularly on the British and German markets. 
At the same time, wine is a fragile luxury product that requires special treatment. To allow it to preserve its qualities, that is the desired flavour and aroma, appropriate conditions should be ensured during transport.

Selecting the right vehicle
At DONE! we transport wine on pallets. A delivery involves placing bottles in boxes with special shock-absorbing holes (often made out of Styrofoam) and securing the pallets with proper belts. Thanks to an extensive network of trusted carriers, the goods we deliver retain their quality. 

Ensuring the required temperature
The temperature for a transport is set individually for each wine type or producer. It should be kept constant (between 10 and 15 degrees C) over the whole delivery process, and so our standard procedure is to transport wine in frigo semi-trailers.

Limiting light access
Wine is very sensitive to light, which is why most better-quality wines are sold in dark glass bottles. During transport our drivers make sure that the whole area of the semi-trailer is fully shaded, to prevent unwanted lighting from affecting beverage flavour.

DONE! in practice
We have considerable experience in transporting wine, for example from Suze la Rousse in Provence to Saint-Antoine-du-Queyret in Aquitaine. The goods travel nearly 600 km, and our driver watches over them during the whole journey to ensure that they reach their destination securely, without losing their most precious properties.

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