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DONE! supports 5-year-old Lenka


DONE! Committed to help!

Participation in a nationwide initiative called "Szlachetna Paczka - The Noble Package" or adoption of a bear from the Wroclaw Zoo are just some of our activities.

Early spring, we joined the campaign to help a little girl named Lenka and started a mass collection of bottle caps in our office.

We are very happy whenever there is an opportunity to support charity actions. After all, it is not just working that makes people live - and helping is a great joy.

Who is Lenka and why does she need our help?

Lenka is an adorable and incredibly cheerful 5-year-old girl, vigorous, open to people and curious about the world.

She lives in Sucha Beskidzka with her parents and two siblings. Immediately after birth, she was diagnosed with a congenital malformation of her legs and a heart murmur. Since the help offered by the National Health Fund was insufficient, Lenka's parents took up their own fight for her health.

Why Lena?

The initiative is an idea of one of our forwarders, who has been involved in helping Lena on his own from the beginning.

He suggested that we increase our reach and engage all our colleagues from DONE! Then everything snowballed rapidly.

Great mobilization, a few weeks of collecting caps and effects that exceeded our expectations.

What did we gain?

Together we managed to collect several dozen kilograms of caps! With each new cap, Lenka is closer to regaining health. 

We have invited Lenka along with her family to collect the caps and to tell her the good news. Her visit to our office was an honor for us and we had a great time together. It was certainly not the last of our meetings, we are already preparing for the next one.

We will keep you informed about everything on our social media platforms.
We invite everyone to join our campaign and help her ride a bike and play catch with her friends someday.

The " cap" campaign - what don't you know about it yet?

The following graphics show the main objectives of the operation. - Look, like, help!


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