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Shipment of lemon tree from Sant Fruitós de Bages in Spain to Oyonnax in France


Ensuring reliable, safe and timely delivery to our partners is one of the top priorities for DONE! Deliveries. Our customers often place non-standard loads requiring special treatment in our hands, which proves the importance of trust in partnership.

At the special request of one of our regular and favorite clients, we supervised the transport of lemon trees from Sant Fruitós de Bages in Spain to the French town of Oyonnax in the eastern part of the country. The distance to be covered was 900 km. This unconventional order required special protection of the tree so that it would not be damaged during transport.

We delivered the cargo to the destination according to schedule, again enjoying joint success with such an important partner. Thank you for the opportunity to prove that successful cooperation always brings mutual benefits. This fantastic relationship and this kind of trust motivates and makes us feel fulfilled.

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