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Transport under special supervision. How to transport medicines?

Did you know that medicines which are not intended for retail sale often fall into the category of hazardous materials subject to the ADR convention? Their transport is not only complicated but also responsible. 

One of our customers has commissioned us to transport almost 1700 kilograms of medicines from Neumunster in Germany to Maastricht in the Netherlands. The substances were in liquid form and, due to their properties, were classified in ADR Classes 3 and 8. They were primarily methanol, ethanol, and hypochlorite, i.e. inflammable and highly corrosive liquids. This transport on a 550-kilometer route required special care.  

Dedicated driver and car 

The order was carried out by a driver authorized to transport dangerous goods. Due to its large size, the cargo was transported in full truck transport with a refrigerator.  The truck with the FRIGO semi-trailer was equipped with appropriate telematic systems.

There were sensors in the loading area, which provided the driver's cockpit with information about the temperature in the cold store (in this case 15-25 °C).  

Safety is the priority

When transporting pharmaceuticals, the most important thing is to maintain the cold chain and proper air humidity. A sudden change of parameters could affect not only the safety of the driver and the environment but also the properties of the transported medicines, consequently, the health of future consumers. It is also important to properly arrange and secure the cargo. In the case of hazardous materials, neither the packaging nor its contents must be damaged.  

Thanks to observing the procedures and effective cooperation between the forwarder and the driver, the order has been carried out without any obstacles and the sensitive goods have safely entered the loading bay.  

Looking for professional ADR transport?

We assure you: 
  • dedicated car, adapted to the properties of the cargo,  
  • properly trained drivers with authorization to transport dangerous goods,  
  • the necessary knowledge and experience.  

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