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Consider it SMILE! Small surprise for our employees at the home office


Today, in the era of omnipresent technology, distractions and loud communication, sometimes it happens that people miss the most important things. And it is often the tiny, seemingly trivial things that have the strongest impact on our general well-being.

Sometimes those small gestures are enough to make another person smile. Little things and deeds have great power. We decided, according to this simple rule, to make this difficult period of the pandemic more pleasant for our employees and bring some warmth to their homes during the home office. DONE team! has been working remotely for a long time, but this does not interfere with the normal functioning of the company- on the contrary, we focus even more on optimizing our internal processes while  working online. We carry out all orders without any obstacles, and our customers can rely on us as usual.

Recently, we took a great action to deliver not only loads to our Clients but also smiles to our team! Each employee found a gift under at doorstep. The gifts we received are a mug promoting the "Stay at home" campaign and an internal newspaper, called SUN OF THE DONE, full of current information about our organization, which is a nice escape from the overwhelming information about the coronavirus that comes to us from outside. In addition, we have all received a big shot of optimism, which we would like to share with you as well, thanks to the ordinary but full of energy photos below.


As you can see, we managed to achieve what we wanted most.

Let us remember that although so much has changed, life goes on and on to a great extent, it is up to us how we find ourselves in the new reality. Regardless of the miles that divide us, we are still all one team and we support each other every day.

Let us take care of each other. #distantimauniti

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