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Perfume? Dangerous Goods to Greece Delivered Safely!

Many times we have proven that we are eager to undertake complex transports. In addition to neutral goods, we also deal with the transport of dangerous goods — ADR.

Dangerous products can be everyday objects such as lighters, batteries, adhesives and perfumes.

Recently, we’ve been transporting perfumes from Paris to Mandra, a Greek town in the south of the country. The route was 3400 km long. We had less than 50 hours to deliver the goods, so we had to provide a crew of two drivers.

Double crew means not only faster delivery or more kilometers in a given time. It also means greater safety for sensitive cargo, which is extremely important, especially in the case of the transport of dangerous goods.

Perfumes belong to the 3rd class of hazardous materials, i.e. flammable liquids.

Hazardous goods may pose a threat to people and the environment, so we meet all the strict requirements to ensure safe transport for our customers. The tasks are performed by qualified drivers who have completed the relevant ADR courses, while the vehicles are equipped with equipment designed to carry this type of cargo.

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