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How to transport cheese? Transportation of fragile goods

How often you deal with loads that have to be handled with special care? So-called fragile goods it is not only glass or electronics but for example... cheese.  

For our client, we have repeatedly transported 750 kilograms of cheese from Piedmont in Italy (the province of Cuneo, famous for its Alpine cheese Raschera d'Alpeggio) to Cologne, where one of the world's largest trade fairs - ANUGA FoodTec - takes place. In DONE! we specialize in express transport, so the trade fair service is a fixed point in the schedule of our orders. 

Key parameters for sensitive delivery

The transport was involved because the cheese is extremely sensitive to temperature and pressure changes. At each stage of the order, we had to ensure that the cold chain was maintained and the temperature was between 2-4°C. Delivery was made by FRIGO and during unloading, it was necessary to use a special tarpaulin with a tail-lift. Everything was done with special care because cheese is also prone to mechanical damage. When it comes to cheese, the cargo must be packed, transported, and unloaded specifically. The packages cannot contact and damage each other. At the same time, all gaps between the packages must be filled to prevent the goods from slipping and moving. The driver also plays an important role and must avoid sudden maneuvers while driving.

Transport service for trade fairs and exhibitions

According to the client's expectations, the service was provided in a "back and forth" system. A dedicated driver delivered the goods directly to the stand in the exhibition hall and assisted in unloading.

Are you taking part in the fair and looking for a trusted transport company?

We provide: 
  • driver's assistance during loading and unloading (possibility to assign a dedicated driver with knowledge of foreign languages required by the client); 
  • dedicated car with ADR, Frigo, Tail-lift; 
  • back and forth transport; 
  • support of a dedicated shipping agent and Customer Care department;
  • direct delivery to the stand;
  • possibility to cancel the order without consequences 24/48 hours before loading; 
  • possibility to send photos confirming delivery to the stand. 
Do you have goods that require special care during transport? Trust our expertise and write to


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