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New Interns at DONE!


New Interns at DONE! are almost our everyday guests. Recently Patrycja and Daniel could get familiar with TSL under careful supervision of our specialists. Read about their time at DONE! 

Internships at DONE! Deliveries are wonderful. 
During the fantastic presentation of DONE! at the Entrepreneur Week - I decided it would be my place of practice. Quick contact with their HR department and few days later I signed the contract with the company. Do you want to learn secrets of TSL business? I assure you will become a logistics specialist among your friends. Is your internship focused on accounting? DONE! Or maybe you want to test yourself in customer service? DONE! of course! Are you interested in IT? Young, positive and very organized team - DONE!


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What has Kora been up to lately?

A few weeks ago, our people went to Wrocław to yet again visit our bear Kora. A professional photographer also took part in the expedition.

Transport of an olive tree from Alicante in Spain to Yvrac in France

We’re the experts, when it comes to the transport of fragile cargo.
We have proven that by delivering a 500 kilogram olive tree.


Little artists are drawing Kora

Here at DONE! our logistics is not only transportation of cargo, but also transportation of good deeds!